The recent school shooting tragedies have pushed school safety to the forefront of discussion. For many years now, the UNT Police Department has been training with our law enforcement and emergency services partners for active threat situations and we continually use recent history to evolve our own trainings and response readiness.
During the summer of 2022, we began a new round of training and collaboration with Denton PD, Denton Fire, Denton County Sheriff's Office, TWU Police, and NCTC Police that will continue into Spring 2023, when we will conduct full-scale training exercises combining all our disciplines and cooperative efforts. Please rest assured we are spending considerable time and effort to provide prompt and effective threat mitigation to our UNT community, should we be called upon to do so.

In the meantime, our Community Relations Officer, Cpl. David Causey, is available to provide active threat training to your workgroup or class at your convenience. To schedule a session or discuss other topics available, please reach out to him at

2019 Active Shooter Response Recorded Presentation Active Shooter Response Power Point only

Active Shooter
Click the image above for a useful poster detailing the response to an Active Shooter.
Active Shooter Pocket Card

Click the image above for a handy pocket card for responding to an Active Shooter.