The UNT Police Department is the “authority for campus security” for the University of North Texas. Therefore, in compliance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 62.153 any sex offender who is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student at the University of North Texas shall report that fact to the UNT Police Department no later than:

  • the seventh day after the date on which the person begins work or attends school OR
  • the first date the person is allowed to register,

whichever of the two is later. Additionally, any sex offender described above shall notify the UNT Police Department not later than the seventh day after the date of termination of the person's status as a worker or student at UNT.

If you are currently required to register as a sex offender and wish to enroll in classes at UNT, whether in-person or online, you must first contact the UNT Police Department to begin the process. Once we have gathered some initial information about your situation, we will then promptly forward that information to the UNT Dean of Students office for further review. This process should be started before formally applying to the University.

Those seeking employment at the University will disclose their status during the application process and work with Human Resources as to your eligibility to work.

You can email us at or call UNT Police Investigative Services at (940) 565-3006. Be aware that simply calling, leaving voicemail, or emailing alone does not meet the requirements for sex offender registration. The registration process is not complete until an official decision has been made regarding your eligibility to register for classes or attend work, and documentation of that fact has been provided to you by the Dean of Students (seeking to attend classes) or Human Resources (seeking employment). If you enroll in classes or begin employment without documented approval to do so, you may be subjecting yourself to criminal penalty.

(ref. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 62.153)

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