Alarm Services provides burglar alarm services for university departments and facilities. The Police Department can provide 24 hour a day monitoring of your alarm system, as per the UNT PD Alarm Guidelines.

Tips for reducing false alarms:

  • Go over alarm arming and disarming procedures with your staff or contact Alarm Services to schedule a meeting with your staff to go over proper procedures.
  • Designate normal armed/unarmed times with your staff.
  • Make sure doors leading in to secure areas have a sticker on them denoting they are armed. Alarm Services has red “area alarmed” stickers that we can reapply for you if your stickers are faded, worn, or have been peeled off.
  • Reduce the number of authorized individuals to the secured area.
  • If afterwards you are still having false alarm problems, please contact Alarm Services to inspect your system.
  • If you set the alarm off in an area and are unable to disarm it, please contact the UNT Police Department.

For information regarding alarm installation, maintenance, and monitoring please contact James Lewis. For all other questions, call *3000.  To submit an Alarm Services Request, please complete the following form or contact James Lewis at the phone number or email address below.

James Lewis
Security Infrastructure Coordinator