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Civilian Jobs

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Civilian employees fulfill a critical and significant role within the UNT Police Department. Many times they are the “face” or first contact many people have with the University. It is the position of the UNTPD to utilize our sworn members in positions where law enforcement training and experience are the primary skill set. The civilian members perform support functions requiring an entirely different, but just as crucial, skill set. Some of the civilian positions are:

Police Dispatcher

A dispatcher must complete training and successfully pass tests proving competence in running a computer aided dispatch system. They must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with persons calling the dispatch center for information or assistance, and convey pertinent and sometimes critical information to the appropriate officers on the road. Typically, a dispatcher will be assigned to a shift, and stay with that shift as it rotates throughout the year.

Accreditation Manager

The Accreditation Manager is responsible for maintaining the UNTPD's accredited status with the Commission on Accreditation For Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA), an international law enforcement accrediting body; and, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Inc. (IACLEA), the accrediting body for college and university law enforcement. In addition, this position conducts staff inspections of each division every three years; provides research for and assists with writing policies; and, assists with the verification of Clery and Title IX data and statistics.

Business Manager

The Business Manager oversees the day to day operations of all support business conducted by the UNTPD. This includes working with the Chief on the annual budget; processing all purchasing and travel forms; monitoring and processing payroll and employee time; processing all purchase card activity; and supervising the Procurement Specialist.

Procurement Specialist

The Procurement Specialist is primarily responsible for all procurement activities. In addition, this position processes all account receivables and payables; and, assists the Business Manager in whatever capacity required.

Property and Evidence Custodian

The Property and Evidence Custodian is responsible for processing all submitted evidence. This includes preparing lab submittals, investigative reports, tracking, logging and barcoding all evidence and property. There is a great deal of responsibility in working with the courts to ensure proper disposition of evidence and property; preparing affidavits; obtaining proper signatures; and following through with court ordered dispositions. This position also works with all found and surrendered property to ensure it is returned to the proper persons or auctioned off as appropriate. The Property and Evidence Custodian also serves as the department's fleet manager, and works closely with the Operations Commander in making sure all vehicles assigned to the UNTPD are maintained or made ready for the officers after purchase. This includes determining what equipment is needed, contacting the appropriate vendors and, setting up schedules to have the work completed.

Records Specialist

The Records Specialist works in the Criminal Investigations Division ensuring that all law enforcement reports are processed correctly; statistics are counted correctly; arrestees are coded and tracked accurately; and all case documentation is accurately tracked and accounted for. In addition, the Records Specialist must comply with all court demands for discovery, and individual requests for copies of files and records.

Executive Assistant to the Chief

The Chief's Executive Assistant is responsible for all of the UNTPD Human Resource files, which includes ensuring that all “on-boarding” requirements and training are met for each employee. In addition, the Executive Assistant not only supports the Chief, but the Assistant Chiefs over Operations and Support Services. This position handles all of the Command Staff's travel arrangements, plus the Chief's calendar and all meeting requests. The Executive Assistant makes sure that all records and documents for each UNTPD employee is kept up to date. The Chief relies on the Executive Assistant for many special projects, as well.

Technical Services

Technical Support is comprised of a manager and a specialist. Their primary function is to ensure that everything to do with computer software, hardware, vehicle laptops, cell phones, and radios in all employees electronic activities are kept in operational and secure readiness. This group also manages all of the alarm systems on campus, to include the panic button alarms. The Technical Services Manager is responsible for vetting all new equipment and making recommendations to the Command Staff on any IT related purchases. In addition to the technical support, this unit also provides forensic assistance when criminal cases include computers, cell phones, or anything else within their purview.

Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Officers (PSO) provide guest services to students, faculty, staff and visitors at UNT Discovery Park. While helping those at Discovery Park, PSOs serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for the police department.