Daily Crime and Fire Log

This daily crime and fire log is provided in accordance with the regulations set out under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

The daily crime and fire log covers the main UNT Campus (Denton) and also serves as the crime log for UNT Discovery Park (Denton) and all UNT Frisco locations.

Click Here  to view the crime and fire log for the past 60 days.

A printed copy may be requested in person at the following locations:

  • UNT Denton Main Campus - 24/7 in the Sullivant Public Safety Center's lobby
  • UNT Discovery Park - room G140 (normal business hours)
  • UNT Frisco Landing or Inspire Park at the front reception area of the main entrances (normal business hours)

For Crime and Fire Log information older than 60 days, contact the Records Division at 940-565-3006, or in person at the Sullivant Public Safety Center during normal business hours.

Crime and Fire Log Instructions

Crime and Fire log case numbers do not run sequentially. The University Police Department assigns a case number for reportable incidents, both criminal and non-criminal.

The following Case Dispositions are used in the crime log. Click to expand.

Cleared by Arrest - Case cleared with an arrest.

Cited - Case cleared with a citation issued.

Clred By Other Means - Case cleared with exceptions per FBI/UCR guidelines.

Pending - Case is awaiting initial completion, awaiting assignment, or is under investigation.

Unfounded - Investigation revealed offense did not occur.

No Further Information / Evidence - Case suspended pending additional information / evidence.

The following abbreviations are used in the crime log. Click to expand.

AGG - Aggravated

ALCH / ALC - Alcohol

BEV - Beverage

BURG - Burglary

CONSUMP - Consumption

CONT - Container

CRIM - Criminal

CS - Controlled Substance

CSA - Campus Security Authority (Clery Act Report)

D.L - Driver's License

D.W.I - Driving While Intoxicated

DEL - Delivery

DISP - Display

DMC - Denton Municipal Code

DWLS / I - Driving While License Suspended / Invalid

ENG - Engaging

EVID - Evidence

FABR - Fabricate

FEL - Felony

FICT - Ficticious

FSRA - Fail to Stop / Render Aid

FV - Family Violence

Govt Recd - Government Record

INFLU - Influence

INJ - Injury

LIC - License

MAN - Manufacture

MARIJ - Marijuana

MISD - Misdemeanor

MV - Motor Vehicle

O/ - Over

ORD - Ordinance

ORG - Organized

Oz - Ounce

PG - Penalty Group

PHYS - Physical

Poss - Possession

PROP - Property

SB212 - Senate Bill (Title IX Notification Only)

SBI - Serious Bodily Injury

U/ - Under

UUMV - Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle

VEH - Vehicle

W/ - With


Poss MJ O/ 4 Oz. = Possession of Marijuana Over 4 Ounces.

Poss/Disp Fict. D.L - Possession or Display of a Fictitious Drivers license