Campus Crime Alerts

Crime Alerts

UNT provides timely warning to the campus community by posting crime alerts when a Clery crime is considered to represent a serious or continuing threat to students or employees.  Clery crimes include murder, sex offenses, aggravated assault, robbery, motor vehicle theft, arson, burglary, hate crimes, and liquor law/weapon/drug violations.  Based on the circumstances, crime alerts are sent to campus and local newspapers, posted on campus bulletin boards or other appropriate locations, sent out on campus e-mail, and distributed in residence halls.

UNT Campus Crime Alerts



Case Number



Sexual Assault September 30, 2020 1100920 Kerr Hall Read Notice Here
Burglary October 16, 2020 0090920, 0880920, 0501020 Victory Hall Read Notice Here
Aggravated Assault April 18, 2021   1000 Maple Street Read Notice Here
Sexual Assault March 21, 2022   Legends Hall Read Notice Here
Deadly Conduct April 15, 2022 0640422 500 North Texas Boulevard Read Notice Here
Discharge Firearm in Certain Municipalities September 21, 2022 1310922 950 W. Sycamore St. Read Notice Here
Assault October 4, 2022 0171022 and 1720922 Business Leadership Building Read Notice Here
Burglary October 7, 2022 0291022 and 0371022 McConnell Hall Read Notice Here
Sexual Assault October 21, 2022   Bruce Hall Read Notice Here