Police Benefits

The UNT Police Department off­ers a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits package.

Employees are eligible for periodic merit raises which are based on job performance.

Lateral Transfers

The department welcomes candidates with prior experience and will base salary offers on prior comparable experience. The UNT Police Department has officers with prior law enforcement experience from a variety of law enforcement agencies including municipal, county, university, tribal, federal and military.

Incentive Pay

Police officers, and dispatchers, also receive certification pay for earning their Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master TCOLE certifications.

Additional Pay

In addition to salary and incentive pay, officers may also earn the following


Officers have the opportunity to work a variety of special events throughout the year and earn additional income. Special events include athletic events, university graduations, high school graduations, campus sponsored events, and private parties held on campus. Last year, officers staffed over 400 events held on campus. Officers are compensated at time-and-a-half while working overtime.

Educational Scholarships

Employees and dependents are eligible for scholarships to attend courses at UNT. Scholarships recipients pay only $50 per hour for undergraduate courses or $100 per hour for graduate courses. For example, in 2015 an employee who took three hours of undergraduate course work and six hours of graduate courses would have paid $3,480 for the classes. Using this scholarship, $2,607 was paid by the University leaving the employee to only pay $873 (roughly 25% of the actual cost).


Uniforms, duty gear, and uniform dry cleaning are provided by the department. The department issued firearm is a Glock 17 or Glock 19 handgun.

Time Off

New employees earn eight hours of vacation time, per month, from their first day of employment through five years, and accrue additional time per month as years of service increase. Employees earn eight hours of sick leave per month. The University also observes about 14 holidays per year.


Employees participate in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. This is a state run defined benefit plan.


Full medical insurance and $5,000 basic life insurance is provided at no cost to the employee. Additional insurance coverage is available for the employee and dependents, at a reduced cost.

Other Benefits

All University employees are eligible for the following “perks”. Discount tickets to most performing arts and lectures on campus, use of the UNT Library, and discounts at student dining facilities, as well as membership at the Pohl Recreation Center. See https://www.untsystem.edu/hr-it-business-services/human-resources/benefits-perks-employees for more information.